Re: Journal of Constructivist Psych/NAPCN Membership

Mildred L G Shaw (
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 11:44:17 -0700

North American Personal Construct Network (NAPCN)

NAPCN membership is open to anyone world-wide. The network runs a biennial
conference (interlaced with the international conference), and members
receive a newsletter, reduced rates for the conference (US$50 for the
1996), and a low-cost personal subscription to the journal, Journal of
Psychology (normally US$75).

Total membership price US$55 for 1996 (+$10 for mailing outside North
America). Send check BEFORE 1 DEC to

Dr Reid Klion,
Psychology Services (116B),
1481 West 10th Street,
Indianapolis, IN
46202, USA.

For further information email Reid Klion at IDUO100@INDYCMS.BITNET.