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Travis Gee (
Thu, 23 Nov 95 14:54:10 EST

Lluis Botella sez:

> A postgraduate student of mine is planning a research
> project on constructivist approaches to cocaine users
> constructivist psychotherapy). So far, we've not been
> very succesful locating significant references via
> PsycLit. I wonder if anyone in the net could lend us
> a hand? (References, ideas, suggestions...).
> Grid studies will be welcome, as well as broader
> references concerning PCP approaches to drug use
> in general.


I have access to Medline, and ran the strategy "personal and construct
and cocaine" for every year since 1966, and came up with this:

Therefore, I think that this is an entirely new approach to
understanding cocaine use. I also ran "personal and construct and
(drug or addict)" and got a couple of hits that I'm sending to you
via email directly, rather than clogging up pcp.


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