Re: An interim reply to your reply

Harry Oxley (
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 12:10:08 +1000

Dear Jim Mancuso
Some pcp networkers may be puzzled because, to the best of my
knowledge, this question of the medicalisation of 'bad eating habits' with
a funny name appealing to however-hung-up people by making them feel less
personally deplorable had not come up on the network as such before this.
That little discussion led me to think a number of different things at
once, and I will sort my thoughts out; if I inflict them on the network I
shall warn "discard if bored by fourth line" or something.
But we don't need graeco-latin names for conditions to use research
in their justifications. I occasionally suffer from a bad oral habit known
in Oz by unscientific terms like "piss-artistry", and have felt much better
since a recent piece of HARD science. I quote from last week's Canberra
"[A study by the National centre for Social and Economic Modelling]
for the Third National Women's Health Conference in Canberra, - - - found
that average alcohol consumption increased significantly according to the
amount of time spent at work. - - - People who work more than 50 hours a
week - - - drink almost three times more alcohol than those working
It also said that really hard workers faced "increased risk of
disease, disability and premature death" which isn't so much fun, but we
always knew work was a health hazard.
Harry Oxley
Harry Oxley