distinguished lurkers

Wed, 6 Dec 1995 21:51:36 +0000

One of the fascinating and, may I say, heartening things about reading the
full list of subscribers to this mailing list (as prompted by Jim Mancuso's
recent enquiry on how to obtain the full list: good thinking, Batman!) is
to see who's on it.

Quite apart from the convenience of receiving a whole load of essential
e-mail addresses, I realise that the most distinguished researcher in the
field of _self-assessment theory_

.... a theory very much in the positivist tradition within psychology ....

is listening in to, and presumably enjoying, our constructivist debates. *

(No, this isn't particularly an assertion that either perspective gains
legitimisation from the interface; it's to celebrate the interface, as made
possible through Internet mailing list technology, in itself.)

Kind regards,

Devi Jankowicz

* He was at Ohio State at the same time as George Kelly, which probably
accounts for it...