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Thu, 7 Dec 1995 07:40:55 +0000

What a wonderful surprise and delight to find your name on two headers in
my mail this morning! Several weeks ago I ran across your name in a list
of authors on a review article and ran a "finger" in the Nashville area to
see if I could find an address, of course to no avail. I found the
RepGrid lister while trying to run down a source to replace my missing
first volume of Kelly's Personal Constructs borrowed by some student and
never returned. Having found Routledge and placed an order I browsed the
page further and there found the list and subscribed. And that led to
your address popping up on my screen this morning. Three loud hurrahs for
the Net!
A lot of water has passed beneath the bridge since last our paths crossed.
I retired in '93 from Emory University in Atlanta and June and I moved to
Las Cruces, NM, built an adobe home here in the high desert and have been
having an active and rewarding life in retirement. Our kids are spread
from Tampa to Seattle to Santa Maria, California which makes Las Cruces
about as central as you can get.
I'm still working with several students who are trying to finish
dissertations. All this by means of the Net or the BBS that I long
maintained to facilitate instruction and communication. I've been trying
to get caught up with what's been going on in constructivism over the past
30 years (and haven't even scratched the surface!). Funny how you can get
sidetracked in the course of your day to day obligations. I think it was
you who used to tell us not to neglect the important for the urgent. But,
unfortunately, that's not easy advice to follow.
I hope this finds you and yours in good spirits. Mine have been uplifted
immeasurably just by the sight of your name and address. Drop a line if
you have time.
Jim Miller, Peabody 1957-1963

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