re: Bullies & Bores

Harry Oxley (
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 13:25:19 +1000

Dear Folks,
Seeing Lois Shawver's mention of "On 28 Mar, Harry Oxley wrote", I
note that I only wrote TO Lois on the personal, not wanting to crowd the
network with private bits of brain-picking. I mention this in case anybody
else sees that reference and thinks (a) they must have missed something or,
above all, to save my persnal credit, (b) that I lightly contribute to
crowding the network. I'm only doing it now because it's April Fool's Day.
I am not a real member of the pcp club but mostly just look in the
windows for the improvement of my table manners to dine with disciplinary
allies. Far from writing in to '' from any desire to get
my voice heard, I mostly only ever do so when it strikes me that being a
pure consumer without contributing is bludging. I have recently been
wasting lots of electrons by minimising my reading of the whole network for
some time for obvious reasons.
But Club Bores do sometimes say things worth hearing. I think that is
one reason for having students; expecting anything 'academic' to be boring
anyway, they can be set to mine writings of the most crashing bores for any
good metal they might contain. So I hope that somebody has kept some
record of the whole of this unseemly brawl (I myself don't teach psychology
of any kind) so some such poor kid can be given it to work on for College
SUGGESTION: For the help of people building up such an archive, it
would surely be a Good Thing if people from other than the Chambers address
(which we now all know) who are yet writing in response to something from
that seemingly inexhaustible spring could preface their subject-label with
CHAM (or something) so that anyone making any such a collection will know
what else to transfer to the appropriate file without missing anything.
Harry Oxley
Harry Oxley