Post modern, pcp and fun

04 Apr 1996 09:49:55 -0500


I can't remember the context for originally sending this post but
was surprised to see it resurrected, as it must have been some
time ago when I first sent it.

Regarding your comments and questions, someone with more sense
than me in research matters would say, they are empirical
questions you have posed and you did pose one approach to
considering these questions(e.g., via exchange grids).

My only comment is an anecdote, I have a friend who worked with
a professional who belonged to a very closed fundamentalist
religion. The professional actively participated in this group,
including joining in public displays of belief in a busy city
mall, e.g., placard waving redemption messages. Despite this,
this fellow had sexual preoccupations quite outside those of his
closed social group, which included prohibition on eating with
outsiders. You could argue he was educated and had exposure to
the outside world, however he experienced conflict between his
personal and social world. Perhaps the lines between personal
and social are less distinct in other situations/cultures. It
remains an interesting question for research.

When I take to a tent over Easter I will look for the revival

Bob Green