dwight lee decker (ddecker@CSWNET.COM)
Fri, 05 Apr 96 00:51:32 -800

I am a 1st year marriage and family therapy student. I am interested
in the question of "How People Change?" as a reseach thesis.
I have studied the topics of epistimology, constructivism,
general systems theory, cybernetics, first and second order change,
and the various models of psychology.

These studies have brought me to a state of absolute cofusion.
I realize there may be no answer to this question, or there may
be a million.

My basic philosophy of change is contained in a personal statement
I made to my prof. "If I knew how to change, I would." This
statement reveals a basic assumption and conclusion that I have of
change.....Change is a product of knowledge (If I KNEW) and of
will power (I WOULD).

This conclusion has lead me to a dead-end in addressing this question.
If anyone has any suggestions that would help me understand, or
precieve this topic, I would apperciate it.

I am desperate, or I would not display my ignorance in such a
public manner as this.

Dwight Decker