RE:i's large and small
Sat, 6 Apr 1996 21:02:27 +0000

Okay folks, let's hear it for the CAPITAL "I"!

For me to use the lower case "i" would be _false_ modesty.

As a fully functioning and paid-up member of society, I spend much of my
time accomodating to others as they accomodate to me, the set of us
negotiating a viable way of living together and contributing to one
another's well-being.

But in some 30 years time I'll be gone. And every step I take brings me
closer to that moment. Death lies ahead, waiting for me with a terrible
patience and a gentle smile. "Time waits for no-one"; Faustian deals have a
bad press; and I can't tell what, if anything, lies beyond.

So all I _can_ know right now is that when I end, the entire universe- all
the wonderful totality of existence- as far as my experiencing of it is
concerned, ends with me. I'm no longer there to experience the fact that it
goes on without me. No me; no universe.

No doubt many wise thanatologies exist in support of my stance, and an
equal number that are in opposition.

But, IMHO, I owe this small flattery of a capital "I" to myself, and to the
universe that vanishes when I do.

Au revoir! (Pro tem....)

Devi Jankowicz