Re: change

Nadia Crittenden (
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 10:10:33 +1000

Dear Dwight,
Perhaps some of the problem lies in your basic philosophy. It
seems to me that it is not so much a matter of knowledge and
willpower as it is a matter of co-operation. Change is happening all
time, within and around us. We can't get away from it, and most of
the problems people have with it is either trying to stop changes
from occurring, or feeling frustrated by a lack of control of the
kinds of changes that affect their lives. So it seems to me that it
is a matter of dealing with change, tuning in to the kinds of changes
going on in any given time, and learning to co-operate with/recognise
what kind of change is constructive, and what kind is destructive.
Then it becomes a matter of making choices. It seems to me that PCT
does offer a way forward, and does deal with change in a way that
offers practical ways to play with the whole notion. Is this kind of
general comment any help?

Nadia Crittenden.
Department of Psychology
University of Wollongong