Re: Whither TRUTH????

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Sat, 13 Apr 1996 20:05:41 -0500 (EST)

Linda - and other PCP Networkers

You comments are nicely illuminating.

I wonder, however, why you wish to speak of cultural constructs as if
they represent something different from individual constructs. I have run into
this before, and am a bit puzzled by that line.

I can't conceptualize CONSTRUCT without including INDIVIDUAL in the
construction. How may we construe something we call CONSTRUCT without
regarding it as a part of an individual's psychological functioning? I have no
trouble in thinking of a socially shared construction, but I do find it
difficult to fit such a construction into a psychological explanation without
considering how that construction becomes a part of a personal construct

Perhaps I am focusing on this in ways which differ from your focus!!

As an aside:
I attended a concert last evening, and heard two long compostions
to which I could give no positive response.
I began to think of whether or not I could have written a meaningful
review of the concert -- even if I did have the construct system which would
have allowed me to integrate the "organized noise" which I heard. [I have not
developed the organizing systems to organize those particular noises.]
I also wondered how a reviewer might write a review, if he/she did have
the construct systems by which to organize that particular flow of "noises?"
Could he/she write such a review without being condescending or elitist toward
those of us who sat on our hands at the end of the performance?
Then, of course, I wondered if anyone -- including the composer -- has
a system by which to organize those "noises?????"

Jim Mancuso