The real meaning of constructivism ...Looking for Barbara S. Held's article

Fabrice Pirnay (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 14:41:06 +0200

I will ask two questions: a precise one and a more general one

My first question :
I am just wondering how I can have a copy of the following article :

Barbara S. HELD "The real meaning of constructivism"
in Journal of Constructivist Psychology,=
Vol. 8, n=B04, 1995

Can you help me ?

My second question :

I am a doctoral assistant in the University of Liege (Belgium) and in the=20
Universitty of Lille II (France).=20
The application of the constructivist epistemology on the management science=
(and particulary on the strategic management field) is one of my favourite=
research topics.
I read french authors as Jean-Louis Le Moigne, Edgar Morin, Marie-Josee=20
Avenier, Alain-Charles Martinet, ...=20
Do you know them ? Do you read them ? Yes ! it's great !! Let me know your=
opinions and feelings about these authors, and I will be happy to discuss=20
with you

Best regards

Fabrice PIRNAY
University of Liege (Belgium)