From the Bad Bad Wolf
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 12:06:21 -0400


Welcome to the net. A lot has flowed under the bridge before you arrived. I
am the big bad wolf, or as Neimeyer put it- a torturing blight on PCP. Others
call me a terrorist and a crazy man. Others just call me Bill. You should be
troubled by what you read. But try not to shoot the messenger. Kelly's
theory is wonderful but it has been taken over by a very corrupt political
group who lack scientific creativity and basic integrity. For the most part,
PCP is a cult. You can catch up with my argument by consulting the archives.
Or you can just believe the lies that the cult will tell you. I encourage you
to read widely in PCP. Go back and read the journal articles from the 60's
and 70's. Read Kelly. You will find that some PCP folks have pursued the
experimental approach with good results.

When I speak, I assure you that much of what I say can be traced back to
data, not just mood. I would be interested in speaking with you further but
be advised, I am not on this net to get elected. I am after truth and
goodness. And I will be doing so long after the PCP Bandwagon has been even
more widely dismissed as just another degenerate cult. If you found my last
posting troubling, I recommend you go to the archives of last fall or late
summer and read the poem George Kelly and Hollow Stars. Then read the posting
of this year from Feb. on. Or you could just jump onto the band wagon and
call me the big bad wolf. Enjoy the Banquet Hall in Banff. I went to the
last one and was treated like a dirty wandering beggar. I recommend you spend
your money on some good statistics and philosophy books, instead. They are
less likely to corrupt your soul and mind.

Bill Chambers