Nope, it didn't work!
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 21:53:28 +0000

Okay, my suggestion hasn't worked!

You'll recall that the organiser of this mailing list proposed some months
ago that Bill Chambers (Bill Janie, as he signs himself) should be removed
from this mailing list, and that I objected, on a variety of grounds to do
with free speech and the right to self-expression, no matter how personally
virulent its embodiment.

I suggested instead that one might simply return Bill's postings to him,
and Bill has, (rather elegantly in all conscience!), countered by reposting
these returns onto the mailing list.

Dear oh dear! Seems to me that the way forward if one objects to his ad
hominem style, his unwarrented attacks which have led people to leave this
mailing list in despair at his irrationality, and his recent creation of a
self-admiration cult-

is to do what some clearer thinkers than I recommended in the first place:
viz., nothing. Ignore him!

Don't repost. Read or not read his items, depending on one's whim at the
time, and one's interest in discovering just how much or how little his
ideas are worth; and instead, move on to other matters. (In a rather deep
sense, treat him exactly as anyone else on this mailing list....!)

I.e. devote one's energies to mailings which reflect one's own interests,
which help other colleagues, and which foster the spread and development of
pcp concepts and techniques.

That's what I shall be doing in future, and colleagues might wish to try
out the same. But I remain convinced, despite several recent private
mailings suggesting it again, that to _exclude_ him from this network
despite the general destructiveness of his mailings would be wrong.


Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz