RE: Nope, it didn't work!

Josť Pestana Cruz (
Wed, 1 May 1996 00:06:59 +0200

To Devi and All,

At least a reasonable attitude. Everyone as the right to express himself,
even if it is in the way Bill do it. None is obliged to read, or respond,
or pay attention.
Let's talk about what this group is about - PCP.
By the way, is there anybody in this group who can give me some clues on
the subject of self-narratives applied to suicidal clients? (not
parasuicide, but real missed suicides).
Is there any research about it, any paper, any pub ?
Please help me. I'm a clinical psychologist in the meddle of my Ph.D. but
leaving out of nowhere, in a small town in the South of Portugal.
Thank You Folks.

Jose Pestana Cruz
Hospital Distrital de Faro
Universidad de Sevilla