01 May 1996 10:34:19 +0000 (GMT)

I,m a new user and a slow typer! Not interested in getting involved in
the current "debait".

I've just been to the conference in Reading. Met other constructivists for
the first time and had a ball. The hospitality, the papers, the workshops were all very stimulating. The beer wasn't so good (no GUINNESS) but the two
characters behind the bar made up for it. Thank you Maureen Pope and the other organisers for a great conference. Thank you also to those who sent me on
their papers. Mine is in the pipeline!!

I want to get update information on PLANET. How much it costs, are there
updated versions for the new more powerful MACS etc. Can someone let me have
Mildrid Shaw's e-mail, fax.

It was great meeting you all and very encouraging.

Brendan O'Connor