Re: Jumping into the Middle of a Conversation
Wed, 1 May 1996 11:05:01

Dear William and Alessandra-

Pardon me for looking over your shoulders, but...

1. Are either or both of you engaging in this phenomenon called 'flaming'?

2. I assess that each of you is triggering the other negatively and that
you may be in reaction, instead of creation, where we all want to be. If so,
this means that such a pattern is part of the ontology of each of you, an
ontology or way of being which is held in place by a daily-renewed committment
to do so, usually out of not seeing it reather than any evilness, in my view.

3. What better place to learn about the dynamics of constructivism than by
noticing how WE construct OUR realities, and thus design our follow-on actions.

Love you both......and I read that, really, at bottom, you both agree...and
are similarly passionate about setting right some of the wrongs of the world.
You just approach from different settings and bodies.