endless relativism

Wed, 1 May 1996 16:18:35


Thanks for yours. I wonder where you get the idea that, in the end, I am just
...about constructing my constructions, etc.
I am from the school that there are two formulations of reality, a la
Searle. One can be called an Assertion, and is capable of being proved, to a
community of observers using standards accepted as valid in that community.
Like "Is there a rock there?" Try driving through it and you will discover it
is not an opinion, or Assessment.
The second possible reality formulation statement can be termed as
Assessment, and comprises by far the bulk of what we utter. There are two types
of these: grounded and ungrounded. A grounded one is an assessment for which a
minimum of three assertion statements can be produced--"your shoes are scuffed
and badly worn." An ungrounded one, which comprise the vast bulk of which we
produce, has few if any such factual formulations to support it: "you are
So, then, I assess that while all statements can be said to be constructed,
they are not all of equal character or value, and hence provide highly
differing value to one concerned with using them to coordinate action with
others, themself, or life.
RSVP.... gary