"layered identity"

Sat, 4 May 1996 01:11:07 +0800 (HKT)

Hi there,
I have at last been lured out from my hiding place by Alessandra Iantaffi's
question regarding identity and by Devi Jankowicz's introspections. I am also
interested in this question and wish to address it as a thesis here in Hong
Kong. I want to ask these identity questions of Hong Kong born Chinese
participants who have received tertiary education in Australia and who have
returned to live and work in Hong Kong - especially in the light of the 1997
change-over. So how does one define the "research question" and how does one
get at the "core" of what does seem to trigger affective-cognitive
distinctions for those of us who have a layered cultural identity? Do we wear
our indentity like hats? The appropriate one for the occasion? I know that I
have a huge body of pcp work to read and absorb before I get to started on the
questions, but perhaps some kind soul will suggest a starting place.

I know that this question is very different from the one you have asked
Alessandra, but it does touch on "belonging to various groups" and "sharing
the experience" and perhaps "choosing to embrace or ignore". What do you see
as your "research question" and how do you propose to tackle it? I am
interested in looking at any ways in which we might be able to help each
other. I too am new at this and the mailbase.

I would like to believe that this truly is a forum for learning and exchanging
ideas - a place where a mere novice can ask a stupid question or two and be
guided back onto the path. However, somewhere I hear a small voice telling me
something about it being better to keep quiet and let people think you a fool
rather than speaking up and removing all doubt!

Kind regards,
Louise Horstmanshof