Response re Bill

Dr Barbara Tooth, QUT (
Mon, 06 May 1996 16:53:35 +1000 (EST)

For those still remaining

I would also like to vote that Bill be removed from the list. His attacks on
people who dare to have any type of interaction in this forum is now beyond
"reasonable" limits.

The discussions that occurred prior to Bills contributions (which are now
repetitive total utter crap), were stimulating and enlightening.

Have mercy for those of us who are isolated in some parts of the land of OZ.

I responded to Bill re his personal attack on me. I am distributing this
response to the list in an endeavour to show that some silent people do
respond to him in private. Yet he still persists.

If his is the only contribution of substance that will be occurring here, I
will be leaving the list as well.


Although I do not know you I have read your postings with increasing anger.
Whilst I have appreciated your input on many topics, I find your personal
attacks on people distasteful, unnecessary and totally inappropriate for the
forum in which you choose to air them. Returning your mail was my way of
supporting others, without adding fuel to the list which you seem intent on

You will not find much of my work because we all have challenges to face
that are complex and emotionally charged, but I can speak.

In closing, you really piss me off with your public attacks on the list.

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