The reprehensible behaviour of David Nightgale
Wed, 08 May 1996 09:29:06 +0800

David Nightingale's action in respect of Bill Chambers is
unwarranted, and unpardonable.

There are several people on this list who have drawn the valuable
distinction in the kinds of post sent here by Dr. Chambers,
between those of a sophisticate in grid analysis, and the
harangues -- albeit occasionally witty barbs -- at individuals
who may have aggrieved him in the past. That people object to the
one kind, and dismiss him outright speaks more of the intolerance
of those individuals than of value of the Mr. Chambers as a
contributor to this group.

I'm sure most of us know from other contexts that in the course
of ordinary dialogue we each have our sore points, and it is in
the manner of skilled conversation that we are able to converse
with an intelligent partner and draw them out on points of mutual
concern without imparting offense or treading on toes. Why should
this not be the case here?

Sending mail back unread rather than pressing the delete key is
an unnecessary act of petulance and likely to enrage the author.
Why continue to do this? One doesn't have to read mail, but we
should ensure the rights of all to communicate.

I thought an ability to construe in an unrestrained manner was a
feature of the philosophy of this group. If so, why not act

I vote to reinstate Bill, and suggest we engage with him only on
matters of mutual concern where like the rest of us he can make a
valuable contribution to the debate.

Geoffrey Blowers