Nice of Everyone to Speak Up Now!
Thu, 9 May 1996 01:24:43 -0400

I wish each of you who now speak in Bill Chamber's defense had spoken
and helped those who were attempting to listen to Bill's ideas and
encouraging him to talk about his ideas minus the attacks (Lois, myself,
Devi, Bob Green). Each of you were in a better position to intellectually
challenge and elaborate upon Bill's ideas, positions, and methodology (having
read a number of articles written by the newly surfaced people defending
Bill). Considering that there were weeks of discussion of Bill's ideas with
only Lois speaking and Bill asking for discussion with intermittent comments
from others, it is ironic that prominent grid methodologists come out to
defend his need to be on the Net. I wish you could have spoken to him
publicly while he was here rather than after he is gone. I would have enjoyed
watching and attempting to follow a good discourse on grids. I think all
list members missed an opportunity for enlightening discussion. Bill and
other grid methodologists could have shown novices and others what could be
accomplished. Having spoken with Bill on the phone during this recent
period, he has stated that is what he hoped to demonstrate besides "shutting
down the Net and the Cult". The opportunity was not lost by the removal of
Bill but by the lack of participation when Bill was behaving appropriately on
the net.

I, like Tim Anderson, was drowned out by the diatribes and would have
preferred additional feedback. There is no shortage of responses regarding
this discussion. I stand by my belief that it was time to remove Bill from
the Net because his stated purpose was to ruin it and/or get kicked off. I
preferred the latter choice and concur with the list owner's decision.

John Fallon
Thresholds Rehabilitation Center
Chicago, Ill USA