Re: Devi (Re: Adams-Webber (Re: Lefebvre))

Brian Gaines (
Thu, 9 May 1996 12:35:55 -0700

>Lefebvre, V.A. (1995). The Anthropic Principle in Psychology and Human
>Choice. PSYCOLOQUY 6(29) human-choice.1.lefebvre.

If anyone wants to follow up on Jack's interesting commentary, the Lefebvre
paper may be obtained by ftp from:-

Jacks's commentary is at:

Other commentaries are at:

Note that you need to use a proper ftp program to access this site since it
checks whether it has been given a full email address as a 'password'
for anonymous ftp. Netscape, stupidly, will not send a proper email address
(it sends "mozilla@") and hence cannot be used to access these papers.


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