The Kelly corporation

10 May 1996 08:49:57 -0500

Peter and Lindsay,

I can give more thought to the idea of corporate constructs when
I locate your article which I have un-filed somewhere. In the

While I don't know if the word tribe is more apt than cult or
corporation (perhaps there are features of all three involved), I
do think 'tribal' has relevance to what has been going on in this
list and most others I have subscribed to. What I have enjoyed
about the the PCP list historically has been the lack of personal
abuse or conflict and a more cooperative approach. What I have
observed about 'flame wars' on lists is that it is mostly males
that get into this or at least initiate such conflict. There are
apparently people who now study list communication.

Having said this I feel the rules and processes involved are
similar yet different to more personal forms of communication,
e.g., discussion lists make personal attack much easier and
attract some people who enjoy a blue (fight) or conflict seems
to be their primary form of communication.

To me corporate constructs seem more like some of the verbiage
I hear at work, associated with things like Best Practice and
Quality Assurance. To outsiders they may not mean much, their
meaning having a corporate (propaganda?) life/purpose.

In terms of the similarities between list and other
communication, and 'tribal', one way of looking at recent events
is to see that a contender for 'leadership' emerged, who seemed
to attack not so much a group and its ideas but individuals
(intent aside). If a lecture, group or conversation was going on
and someone took such an approach I believe the variety of
responses which list participants have adopted would also be
taken. At some point conflict has to come to an end, e.g., there
is a victor, everyone gets killed or people leave. Another
option is that when goodwill develops, some common ground is
found and fruitful communication occurs. For this to occur a
dialogue/respect has to develop and the communication move on,
which it didn't. Having said this, I and it seems others have
found some ground to communicate with Bill off the list, but I
could not see it developing on the list.

I don't think Bill should have been barred from the list BUT I
don't think it was reasonable that people were subjected to what
I perceive as vitriol the way they were. Perhaps this is fence
sitting, rather I see these as poles from different personal
constructs and that individuals have come to different ways to
resolve the situation for themselves.


Bob Green