Re: introductions?

Wendy Crebbin (
Mon, 13 May 1996 12:20:11 GMT+1000


in response to your suggestion that others "come forth during this quiet
recovery time and tell their story as to their relationship to personal
construct theory" .

I too have problems with some of the emphasis on structures and grids
which sometimes seem to dominate the discussions on this network.

I read it as an interesting example of how, in this postmodern space
of multiple, conflicting and ever changing meanings, we still try to
hold to some kind of liberal notion of the unified individual.

That does not mean that I do not value the significance of each
person's constructs, or the kinds of work which people are trying to
do here.

It is more that in an environment where language is neither
transparent nor uni-vocal, I have problems with the idea that one
person can accurately construct a grid of another person's meanings,
especially self meanings. Its hard enough to articulate, communicate,
map, one's own meanings.

Wendy Crebbin
School of Education
University of Ballarat
Victoria, Australia