Re: transparency and paradigms

Wendy Crebbin (
Wed, 15 May 1996 14:34:55 GMT+1000

Dear Gary

I hope my last note to you did not upset you

You asked me to" say more about what you meant when you alluded to:
..the fragility of language as a form of communication".

Again a three part answer - (I won't call them levels)

* there have been many excellent examples over the last week of
people struggling to put into words what they want to say. I won't
elaborate on that any more

* in most social settings we are able to read cues of physical
movement, facial gesture, and/or tone of voice which are very
significant channels of communication which we 'read' as part of

* the work which I am interested in in the area of multiple
intelligences suggests that we have many ways of communicating and
knowing about the word which are not necessarily only verbal. For
example musical intelligence, spacial intelligence, inter-personal
and intra-personal intelligences, kinesthetic intelligence and
emotional intelligence. Each of these ways of knowing contibute to
the ways we experience the world and take our place in the world.

I hope this brief response is some value to clarify my meanings

Wendy Crebbin