Re: (PCT and Feminism)

Wendy Crebbin (
Thu, 16 May 1996 10:05:17 GMT+1000

Dear Bob

I had actually decided to stand back for a while to allow others to
take the conversation in new directions but I cant resist a quick
response to your message about feminisms.

I quite agree with you that any group who advocate their own
interests beyond those of others is to be questioned. That is why I
talked about many differnt versions of feminism. The 'feminism' which
makes most sense to me is an approach which might be labeled
'postmodern critical feminism' which acknowledges that we are all
multiple,gendered, belonging to a particular race, nation,
historical time, and, ......... As such we are all positioned within
a complex web of opportunities and constraints where equality is very
difficult to find.

Wendy Crebbin