re: group construing

W Ramsay (
Thu, 16 May 1996 16:24:34 +0100

>I'm beginning to realise from some of these later postings that some
>of the things I've been messing about with, presumably in a fairly
>amateur way, possibly have more significance than I first thought.

That's the trouble with anecdotal evidence, I guess. First you call it
anecdotal and then you dismiss it for being anecdotal! I get much the same

>For instance, I too, can report an episode of group construct
>elicitation in an organisational setting.

I'm interested to hear that someone actually tried it on deliberately. But
why is it that the best bits always happen when you're short of time?
Devi's reply -see my separate posting - together with your reported
experience, has inspired me to pursue this a bit further. For that I'm

>By the way, Bill Ramsay - I get the feeling you and I are on the same
>wavelength on some of these issues.

Me too. Your intervention in the War of Jim Mancuso's Tongue still makes me

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