Re: Laddering & Pyramiding-Correction

Magnus Larsson (
Mon, 20 May 96 22:20:21 +0200

Concerning the laddering and pyramiding techniques:

When reading about this issue, my work with Cognitive Mapping comes to my=
Cognitive Mapping is described by Colin Eden and builds on Kelly. This
technique is based on representing the constructs graphically, and drawing
arrows to depict the connections and influences between them. When you do
this, it becomes very natural and obvious to ask questions like "why do your
prefer this" or " what consequenses would that bring about" to elicit
"higher" constructs, and the reverse to find examples and constructs
influencing a given construct. These becomes ways of exploring the map, and
is usually done together with the subject, while drawing, a joint=

Just an elaboration of the theme....

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