Re: Laddering & Pyramiding
Mon, 20 May 1996 23:31:54 -0400

Thank you Robin and Magnus for your postings.

Robin- I think you did a nice job of explaining your use of the techniques.

Magnus- As I go to the library, what is the best summary book to examine
Colin-Eden's work and his version of cognitive mapping. I guess I am seeing
some real cracks in my knowledge of my PCT library that seemed complete in

As I hear these references, I guess I am a little disappointed to discover
that the Journal of Personal Consruct Psychology did not keep me very current
with regard to new techniques and related authors for practictioners. Are
there other references for construct elicitation and recording techniques not
covered in the 1987 Landfield and Epting Book that others are aware of (I
know I will look at this book)??? Also, as someone whom wants to update his
knowledge of PCT Non-grid Non-Computer counseling techniques, I would like to
have recomendations of some of the best references to make my library trip a

I see one Epting article in the 1993 Journal (Vol 6, #1) by Epting, Probert,
and Pittman discussing two techniques. One technique involves Focusing
Procedures developed by Gendlin. The other involves story telling

Other References and techniques...?? .

Thanks. I will be preparing my "student" disguise and will be planning which
college library I will sneak into for the day for research....

John Fallon
Thresholds Rehabilitation Center
Chicago, IL USA