Corporate constructs

22 May 1996 08:40:38 -0500

Peter Caputi wrote, "I would like to note that corporate
constructs can be changed modified by individual. For example,
an individual may make a recommendation to a corporation that
ultimately changes some of the rules of that corporation. A
theorist may look at Kelly's work from a new perspective and
provide an insighth that changes how others view Kelly's work.

So I would argue that individual do have the potential to
influence corporate construing in a significant way."

No dispute here, otherwise a corporate construct would largely be
impermeable/resistant to change. After all, they have come from
some where. If we go back to the original question of whether
corporate constructs might explain the controversy surrounding
the posts of Bill Chambers: in terms of the above quote would you
frame the issue in terms of Bill attempting to change the
corporate constructs of the PCP list, while in the process
violating these constructs?

There has been a number of posts recently regarding group
construing. It would be interesting to explore whether there are
corporate constructs associated with the list/lists (what would
be the elements?). Presumably the corporate constructs would
have to be shared by a majority of list members and be different
to personal constructs? Or do we begin to talk about individual
personal corporate constructs.

If I sound too obscure on this, it is the cogs turning over
trying to understand this one.


Bob Green