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Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 22:13:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Lois Shawver <>
Subject: RE: Corporate constructs

On may 21, 1996, Lois wrote:

>I am still thinking about the concept of a "personal construct", if it's
>differentiated from a "corporate construct". If I have a "personal
>construct" is it supposed to be a construct that had no roots in a
>linguistic community? In what sense is it "personal"? Are personal
>constructs based on neologism?

>..Lois Shawver

Again a very interesting and thought-provoking set of questions.
Lois are you asking abou the origin of personal constructs when you
ask whether constructs have roots in a linguistic community? Could
you elaborate?

>From our point of view, the distinction is based on the idea that
with personal construing the person contructs rather than the
substance or phenomena being construing. That is, the person play a
greater role in the construction than the substance. The person
makes more than finds knowledge. In all of this language is crucial.
With social constructs language use is public. The catgeories and
use of language constitutes the realities constructed. With
corporate construing language use is central, thatis, "knowing how" to use
language. The use of language gives (or requires) the common
experience (or "knnowing from" the corporation).

A bit more loose construing on our part!!!!

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