Re: Laddering and Pyramiding- a Description and Bibliography

Gary Blanchard (
Thu, 23 May 1996 12:02:20 -0700

Jack Adams-Webber wrote:
> Dear Gary:
> >Thanks for your posting. I know nothing about this methodology, and
> >won't ask you to summarize it for me. But I would greatly appreciate
> >your professional assessment of its pros and cons, and what your own
> >bottom line is regarding it. Thanks......Gary
> There are several versions of this procedure. The only one of them with
> which I have had any direct experience is Fay Fransella's 'bipolar
> implication grid' technique. This is explained clearly, together with
> relevant reliability and validity data, in the following paper by Donna
> McDonagh:
> McDonagh, D.(1987). The implication potential of personal constructs in
> relation to their subjective importance and order of elicitation. Social
> Behavior and Personality, 15, 81-86.
> This study was a thesis project conducted in my Lab under my direct supervision.
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> CANADA L2S 3A1Dear Jack-

Thanks very much for this. I appreciate the reference. My question
concerns the operational utility or value of this approach, as assessed
by a knowledgeable pro such as yourself.

In essence, what does it let us do, see or determine? And with what
certainty or sureness?

I am concerned with the possibility that issues of technology and
methodology can come to dominate a domain, and what was intended to be
science can imperceptibly evolve into religion, with its concern for
ritual and appearance. In your opinion, are my concerns justified here?

I appreciate your comments, and would welcome the same from other members
of the list. I look forward to hearing from you, at your convenience.

Thanks....................... sincerely, gary