re: justice and freedom

Robert Parks (
Fri, 24 May 1996 10:12:54 -0400

Bill Ramsey writes, towards the end of an interesting analysis of justice
in his discussion with Devi....
>Justice exists wherever acts are commonly just, oppression where they are
>commonly oppressive. A society may be construed as 'just' or 'oppressive'
>to the extent that either of these statements is true about it. One could
>then say that justice obtains in that society, but this is simply a
>convenient ellipsis. My own view is that 'justice' is a replication without
>a counterpart in objective reality, which I see as a contradiction in
>Kelly's terms. It is therefore essentail that we be able to construct an
>alternative model of justice that fits PCP without such contradictions.

I'm wondering what you mean by "a replication without a counterpart in
objective reality"? Do you mean that it is an "abstract" term, designating
to a constitutive linguistic or social socstruct? The notion of an
alternative model on Kelly's terms puzzles me....