Current Conversations

Gary Blanchard (
Sat, 01 Jun 1996 13:40:53 -0700

Dear Friends-

I've just returned from spending a day with Prof. Humberto Maturana
(The Tree of Knowledge, autopoiesis, the biology of cognition, et al)at
a seminar at Widener University outside Philadelphia. It was great. If
he comes to a place you can reach, I recommend you attend. His focus,
overall, was on what he now calls The Biology of Love.

I am delighted to return to your wonderful, zesty, testy,messages. I'm
fighting the urge to reply to them, and their immediate predecessors,
right away. One of my teachers told me that you can always tell a
reaction from a thought by the length of time that occurs between the
original stimulus and your response.

In keeping with that, and in respect to our partnership, I want to give
myself time to be with these latest messages, and reflect, and discover
what I have to say after a little time goes by. I'll get back soon.

Best wishes, Gary