Re:Postmodern research

Wendy Crebbin (
Thu, 6 Jun 1996 14:17:37 GMT+1000

Dear Lois

My apology for my delay in responding to your question I have been
struggling to find the mental space in the end of semester chaos.

You said-
I need some help in understanding the imagery of postmodernism that you
bring to your research. Is it just that you think postmodernism has
"messy concept and research methods"?

Sorry - obviously this is not clear.
What I am struggling with is that having been well educated in
modernist frames of research I find myself trying to grapple with
ideas which are less structured, less complete, Views which are
conflicting and/or contradictory, and 'truths' which are aways
contingent and contextual.

You also said -
The next sentence is confusing for me, too. You say
that postmodern political theories say that [the institutions?] are
deliberately setting things up in modernist terms. I suppose what is
involved here is that the documents contain phrases that are simplifying
and presumptive, at least according to the postmoderns?

Yes. - Almost. According to the postmodern theory which I am working
in, and also critiquing, part of the aim of policy is to contain and reduce
discursive complexity and to try to confine and/or 'naturalise'
debate within certain parameters.

Maybe you could give us a more concrete description of your project? And
your concerns?

I would be happy to do this on a one-to-one basis if you are still

Wendy Crebbin