Re: the nature of 'construct'

Gary Blanchard (
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 19:45:55 -0700

Dear Bill-

I'm writing to thank you, and to acknowledge you.

You are one of the few people with whom I have talked on this list who
has taken my questions seriously, and responded with your answers on a
point-by-point basis.

That, to me, is the mark of an honest scientist...less interested in
'being right,' or 'already knowing,' and more interested in exploring,
investigating, looking into.

What I deduce from this is that the politics of paradigm adoption are
profoundly strong from many members. That is,evidently they are heavily
pre-committed to a point of view, and all they can do is react, when
questioned, by ignoring,dismissing, or making the inquirer or the
inquiry wrong. The casualty, in such an approach, is the truth (of the
matter----not THE truth).

Also, the inclination of some members to accept as scientifically sound
some notions, while agreeing that these notions cannot, and have not,
been shown to exist as claimed, is sad. This is what people do in
support of a religion, not in advancement of a theory or a paradigm.

I appeal to all of my fellow listmembers to reexamine their views and
practices in this regard. If we do not, if we allow sociability or
agreement to be our main concerns, I predict our list will fall into the
status of a small cult of true believers, eddying off to the side of the
main currents of science, psychology and progress.

Those of us with advanced degrees, in particular, know that we have a
professional obligation not to let that happen. This list, in my
opinion, represents an important initiative of inquiry that should grow,
not shrink.

So, Bill and fellow members, I look forward to hearing your reactions and
comments, and am open to making any clarifications or corrections, here,
that I am shown are appropriate.

Let us focus on excellence, and make the most of this wonderful
opportunity to reason and learn together, across the waters and
continents of our marvelous world.

Thanks. Sincerely, Gary (Blanchard,MPA)