Re: the nature of 'construct'

Gary Blanchard (
Sat, 08 Jun 1996 08:24:09 -0700

Dear Lois-

Thanks for the post. Very thoughtful of you to keep in touch. Glad to
hear you are investigating new arenas. I read "The Dancing Wu Li
Masters" a few years ago, so I may have some appreciation for a little of
what you're into. Maybe you could give us another report or two here,
especially as you see it has implications for our interests.

Incidenally, do the quantum folks still hold that Heisenberg was
correct when he observed that 'the act of observation tends to alter that
which is observed'? Does that Principle of Uncertainty mark, also, some
sort of conscious beginning of Postmodernism?

Best wishes, Gary

Shawver wrote:
> I have been following the interesting discussion here although I haven't
> gotten involved. Let me tell you what has kept me away. A few months
> ago I began being tutored publicly on a list by a physicst in the subject
> of quantum mechanics. Recently, there has been a flury of discussion on
> the topic of what I am calling quantum poetry. At times the discussion
> has strained my brain with high level technical math, ugh. But recently
> we have everyone participating and it is jolly interesting. I think some
> of you might enjoy it, too.
> Write me if you want instructions for how to join.
> Regardless, I watching here. There are some intersting minds here and I
> hope they forgive me for not accepting the invitation to engage by
> letting me do so before long when the other interaction wears down. It
> is my experience (don't you agree?) that these things go in cycles. But
> it is just too much strain on my time to get knee deep in two lists at the
> same time, so my contribution level in any given list seems to go in
> cycles, too. The point being: I'll be back. I like you folks, and I
> hope to be a part of your ongoing dialogue. In the meantime, I'm lurking
> here.
> ..Lois Shawver