Re: Is Kelly a Sidelight?

Mon, 10 Jun 1996 13:50:07 -0600 (CST)


You recently observed that:

"I am concerned that the Clearinghouse may be necessary again if the Journal is no
longer meeting the needs of the International Community. I am not finding
the NAPCN newsletter to be as complete (although the last issue was quite a
good one) and am afraid I am not keeping abreast with this as my only source
of information."

First off, as editor of NAPCN NEWS, thanks for the compliment on the last
issue. I appreciate your concerns. I also agree with you re:NAPCN NEWS'
struggles to be as informative as it might be. I am currently trying to
remedy this situation. Of course, it's a two way street. NAPCN NEWS is
essentially a forum for NAPCN members to publish news items that they think
other NAPCN members would find informative and/or critical knowledge. I
have edited NAPCN NEWS for 2 years now, and have consistently tried to
encourage NAPCN members to submit pieces on their work, upcoming conferences,
interesting articles they have read, interfaces of pcp with other disciplines,
etc. Sometimes the responses have been good; other times I have received
almost no response. I see myself as a "collector" of info in my work as
editor of NAPCN NEWS. I would LOVE to see more members of both this list
and NAPCN send me pieces to print in NAPCN NEWS. But the newsletter can only
be as good as its contributions. I don't know if NAPCN NEWS is sufficient
to replace the old Clearinghouse (which does, I believe, still exist--contact
April Metzler for more info; I thought she was computerizing the whole
thing, but I'm not sure). However, I do think NAPCN NEWS could be at least
as good as the other regional pcp newsletters--all of which seem to have
higher percentages of their subscribers participating in contributing info.

Please get the word out--NAPCN NEWS wants contributions! If you or any
one else have info to convey, promos of upcoming books, articles, or
conference presentations, please e-mail them to me. I'll see that all
relevant info appears in upcoming issues!



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