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Actually, Bateson did cite Kelly in STEPS TO AN ECOLOGY OF MIND, in
discussing the enmeshed character of ontology and epistemology: "...the
net of premises which govern adaptation (or maladaptation) to the human
and physical environment. In George Kelly's vocabulary, these are the
rules by which an individual 'construes' his experience" (p. 314). This
was from a paper originally published in 1971, The Cybernetics of Self: A
Theory of Alcoholism. I'm not sure how much one can make of one
reference, but at least it shows there was awareness of the other approach.


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> Dear Thierry,
> I, like you, find it tremendously interesting how Kelly's ideas and
> those of the interactionist's of Palo Alto seldom crossed paths and
> references. Each appears to have grown completely independently and in
> separate parts of literature. I find much of their underlying beliefs about
> the structure of language to have a great deal of similarity. I find their
> work equally useful for specific circumstances although have trouble finding
> any discussion of both schools and their relationship to one another.
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