Constructivism,constructs, + Kellians

12 Jun 1996 08:56:22 -0500

Several recent posts have raised the issue of where are the
Kellians/PCP views in recent discussions. I don't purport to be
a Kellian nor an expert on PCP, though have attached a few
references on the issue Thierry raised regarding "constructs" and

My interpretation regarding the list is that things are still
somewhat in limbo following the turmoil not so long ago.
Personally, I haven't responded to the conversations on
postmodernism as it was not of great interest to me (I did
however learn a bit about postmodernism and what deconstruction
refers to, which I appreciate).


I have found this paper and others in this volume interesting,

Kelly G (1969). Ontological Acceleration, in Maher B (ed).
Clinical Psychology and Personality: The Selected Papers of
George Kelly. John Wiley, New York.

Some other references (apologies for including conference papers)

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Bob Green