Alessandra Iantaffi (
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 10:52:52 +0100 (BST)

Dear Gary (and other interested list members),

sorry to have given you the wrong impression with my last post. I did not
mean to be judgemental or righteous, but it seemed I have come across
that way, pity! I don't think it would be constructive to reply to each
of your points, we will probably only get entagled with more
misunderstandings. I think it is very difficult to convey, via e-mail,
the tone with which some remarks are made, and we can only accept those
limits that come form the electronoc mean of communication. Many remarks
from my last post were ironic, but I agree that they might have seemed
otherwise. The appreciative remark, although, was sincere. I do think
that you have started many interesting threads on this list, and that
your reflections are usually thought provoking. I hope that you will
consider my last post as a reaction to your previous post, and not to you
as a person, because this is how it had been intended when I wrote it. I
am looking forward to your future contributions, even if I might disagree
with them...