Re: Science, constructs, blief, drugs, core experiencese, & hypothesis testing

W Ramsay (
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 16:02:20 +0100

Tim Anderson writes:


> ... At the risk of committing PCT
>blasphemy (tounge in cheek), how is it possible to be "testing
>hypotheses" in such a state, when the "spiritual" experience is
>itself characterized as a suspension of conscious concatenation
>(there is no "if-then"; just an "is"; hypotheses must be tested
>in an "if-then" frame).


At the risk of being equally blasphemous, this is not unrelated to what Devi
and I are currently wringing out. If 'unconscious construing' is possible -
which is wehat I take Devi's end of the debate to be upholding - then surely
the 'spiritual' dimension cannot be excluded from PCP? Spiritual
experiences result very often, if not always, in choices being made, in
distnctions being drawn between the 'old me' and the new, the 'old life' and
the new. This seems pretty like the kind of arguments being developed out
of the 'non-verabl construing' thread.



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