Re: The Scientific Status of PCP

Gary Blanchard (
Sun, 16 Jun 1996 21:56:49 -0700

Dear PCP friends-

I request that one of you who has Prof. Kelly's basic Postulate and
Corollaries, and any related items needed to properly operationalize his
approach, send them to me here at your earliest convenience.

Also, at Devi's instigation I have been carrying on a side conversation
with him, privately, on the same issue of: PCP - Science or Religion? He
has suggested that I bring some of this forward for your consideration,
and I have asked him to do so at his discretion.

Finally, it occurs to me that another way one can tell if someone is
belief-based vs. science-based is how open they are to investigating
challenges to their ideas, and staying open to new ideas. Personally, I
find that an ongoing challenge.

Best, Gary