Re: Science, constructs, blief, drugs, core experiencese, & hypothesis testing

W Ramsay (
Mon, 17 Jun 1996 14:42:45 +0100

Dear Devi:

You commented kindly on my proposition:
>>If 'unconscious construing' is possible -
>>which is wehat I take Devi's end of the debate to be upholding - then surely
>>the 'spiritual' dimension cannot be excluded from PCP? Spiritual
>>experiences result very often, if not always, in choices being made, in
>>distnctions being drawn between the 'old me' and the new, the 'old life' and
>>the new. This seems pretty like the kind of arguments being developed out
>>of the 'non-verabl construing' thread.
>Secondly, re the spiritual dimension. Bill raises a fascinating new topic
>here. ...

It's one I'd quite like to see developed, Devi. I hadn't thought of the
science-religion thing in quite that way until stimulated by this thread and
our debate. As one who had a fairly conventional Presbyterian upbringing -
i.e. resulting in a kind of adult pseudo-scientific agnosticism - I have
sometimes idly applied PCP ideas to religious thinking, perhaps trying to
imagine a kind of Christianity for the modern (post-modern?) world. I once
hit upon a PCP version of what 'repentance' might mean but, to my chagrin,
didn't write it down and have since forgotten it. It happened in a fairly
specific social context of which I cannot remember enough details to
recreate it! Help! And what about 'redemption'?

This isn't just a 'Christianity' thing, either. All contributions
gratefully received!



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