re: the scientific status of pcp
Mon, 17 Jun 1996 21:57:32 +0000

Gary Blanchard writes:

>Also, at Devi's instigation I have been carrying on a side conversation
>with him, privately, on the same issue of: PCP - Science or Religion? He
>has suggested that I bring some of this forward for your consideration,
>and I have asked him to do so at his discretion

Well, I'm reluctant to address the task of summarising Gary's argument,
which has progressed over considerable territory during the last few weeks.
By constructivist definition, I would be inaccurate and he, definitive!

However, (and running the risks I've just stated), there is one item he
sent me which, for me, provided a key to his position, and helped me to
understand the stance he has taken through the very stimulating debate he
has engendered.

>(a)'constructivists'[small 'c'] hold the following world-view:
> 1. the world is composed of objects and things,
> 2. these items become known to us through 'perception,'
> 3. this perception process basically operates automatically,
> somewhat like a tape-recorder or camera, into our 'mind'
> 4. and so does not involve any significant interpreting
> activity by us,
> 5. and is not affected by our observations of, or actions
> about, them.
> (b) The above, I submit, is a fair summary of what may be termed
> a philosophy / paradigm / ontology of Objectivism.

Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz.