Re: The scientific status of PCP

Robert Parks (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 14:47:47 -0400

Gary, I find it interesting that you have commented several times - quite
negatively - on the possibility that those in this group who are developing
theoretical or empirical research projects from Kelly's framework, are
perhaps enmeshed in a psychology of hero worship. I for one haven't read
enough of Kelly to be near to that danger. But what I would like to suggest
to you is that your last communication quite clearly shows an emotional
attachment and cognitively blinding absorption in the Maturana/Varela
framework. You appear to be nearly sanctifying Winogrand/Flores also. And
the final distinction between "understanding" and "getting it" is quite
scary. It appears to come close, as a construct, to conversion - as an
opposite to mere understanding. I can understand the philosophy of Jesus or
Buddha or Mohammed, without "getting it" or should we say, commiting to
living the truths that are found through understanding.

I'm not sure you are prepared to respond to this assessment. But I feel
obliged to offer it, since my field of study (ideology) - and my plumbing
of the Marxist tradition for insight - have subjected me to just this sort
of challenge - the challenge to refrain from pinning my life exclusively on
intellectual or practical emancipatory activities.

Best regards,