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Sun, 23 Jun 1996 21:54:33 -0700

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Dear Devi, Ana, Bob, and anyone else who cares about this thread-

I have returned from my brief trip and read over your messages. I
conclude that I an incompetent to present myself, and my views, about
this new paradigm, effectively to you.

I wish it were otherwise. I think you would be as delighted and amazed as
I am at this wonderful new, 'Language/Action' approach to comprehending,
and shaping, what is going on in our lives, individually and
collectively, personally and professionally.

I know from experience in helping others learn about this new paradigm,
and from my own experience in learning it, that it constitutes a truly
radical shift in seeing, metaphorically-speaking. [See attachment for a
brief statement about new paradigms like this.]

So even under the most cooperative circumstances, this new paradigm is a
challenge to learn. However,it is clear to me, from the tenor of our
ongoing conversations, that we are nowhere near that status, no doubt
in large part to my incompetence in dealing with your questions and
concerns. In any event, I have decided that my attempts to forge a
learning partnership with you, at this time, are both futile and

Accordingly, I am breaking off my inquiry into the status of PCP, and my
attempts to show you this new paradigm. I will, however, be open to talk
with others here on the list, including you, who are or may become
interested in learning about either matter. And I look forward to being
invited to join other convesations of interest, when appropriate.

Thanks for the patience, patnership and perspective you have afforded me.
Better luck next time????

Sincerely, Gary


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Working Definitions

Working Definitions


A framework of thought (from the Greek paradigma - meaning pattern) or a scheme for understanding and explaining aspects of our reality.

Paradigm shift

A break with our existing paradigm, i.e., the adoption of a distinctly new way of perceiving, interpreting or viewing situations or problems.


Ask yourself the question, what does a fish know about water? At first you might think that a fish knows a lot about water. After all, fish eat, sleep, live their whole lives in water. Yet, on further reflection we see that, in fact, a fish knows nothing about water. Since a fish typically never experiences anything else but water, water dissapears to fish. It ceases to exist as a distinction. Its always there, so the fish doesn't see it.

What about people?

Interestingly enough, we' re a lot like fish. Since we often live our lives thinking and acting the same way, we often fail to see that there are other ways to think, act, feel or experience reality. Our paradigm becomes invisible or transparent to us unless, of course, someone or something comes along and challenges us to break out of our self-imposed trance and see things a different way. What does this have to do with your career? The next page will show you how.

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