Re: scientific status of PCP, & New 'language/action' paradigm

Gary Blanchard (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 17:05:14 -0700

Dear Bob-


One other term I almost forgot: INTERPRET.

Everything we say or do is based on our INTERPRETATION of what we think,
feel, believe, sense, etc. Thus we are always dealing with our
interpretations of events, never with the event itself.

Example: It would be inaccurate to say: 'The Bible says....'

1. First off, the item referred to as 'The Bible,' could
be any one of several possible volumes, resulting from any one of several
possible translations, produced at any one of several possible time
periods, by any one of several different people / groups, and, in any
2. 'Volumes,' by definition, being inanimate, cannot
'speak.' Even if they could, their speaking would be subject to as many
different interpretations of it as there were interpretors present to
interpret it.

Thus, everything said not only is said by someone. It also is
only that speaker's interpretation of the matter. That interpretation,
quite apart from the character / nature of the speaker, could be grounded
or ungrounded, depending upon the evidence adduced and accepted by the
parties to the matter.

There, now my prior post is more complete.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Best, Gary