Re: scientific status of PCP, & New 'language/action' paradigm

Gary Blanchard (
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 04:03:07 -0700

Dear Bob-

You may recall that I thanked you for the reference to Lucy Suchman in
your last post. Unfortunately, I could see no way of quickly accessing
her document.

Then I thought of trying various search engines. After several hours, I
finally located an article "Plans and situated actions," which seems to
offer some insight into her framework of ideas, and hence may be
relevant. (I also got her email address and wrote to ask her how I can
get a copy of her article, or if she will email or FAX one to me. She
hasn't replied as yet.)

The location of the article I found is-

Perhaps, since you have read the one you told me about, you would be
willing to read the above one and tell me if they are essentially the
same or not. Otherwise I shall simply have to wait for the one you

Sincerely, Gary

PS You haven't responded to my request to know how old you are, etc. I'm
still interested. And, obviously, I haven't quit.